Dr. Kelley Glancey

Kelley was born in Denver but spent most of her childhood in New Hampshire learning to ski and play soccer. She returned to Colorado for college at the University of Colorado and her parents followed her here not long after.  Her education continued to medical school at The George Washington University in Washington DC.  After completing residency in Seattle at the University of Washington she worked in a private clinic there for three years prior to relocating to Winter Park and joining her Dad's practice.  She and her twins, Kendall and Logan live in Fraser where they enjoy golfing, skiing, hockey, bike riding and lots of other sports.   She enjoys taking caring of everyone from prenatal care to those "who don't want to get old".  She also loves the variety of patients and conditions she treats from summer to winter in the valley. 




Dr. Catherine hankla

Catherine was born in Massachusetts but grew up in the suburbs of Houston, spending every vacation she got in Winter Park with her parents and older sister. She attended undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame and came back to Colorado State University for her graduate work in human anatomy. After four years of medical school at Midwestern University in Chicago, she was ready to get back to Colorado and completed her residency at Swedish Family Medicine in Englewood. Catherine joined Kelley in August 2017 and has been enjoying her time living in the mountains ever since with her husband, John, and dog, Kit. They love spending time on the mountain in the winter and on the river in the summers. Her main medicine interests include pediatrics and treating musculoskeletal injuries.



Monika heid 

Monika was born and raised in Southern Germany on a small island in a big lake named Chiemsee.  She grew up hiking and skiing and doing whatever else the Alps had to offer.  She went to college for several years in Munich, Bavaria.  For five years she worked for the US government helping out military personnel in the hospitality industry.  In 2001 her passion for skiing brought her to Winter Park Ski School for 2 years.  Monika then joined ski patrol for the next 13 years where she developed a love for emergency medicine.  She was very excited to join the amazing father-daughter team in the summer of 2015 to expand her knowledge and help this great community.  Monika is married to Charlie who works for West Metro Fire and Rescue in Lakewood and is also a ski patroller at Winter Park. They have a daughter named Jessica who already loves skiing as much as they do.